Become a Member!

We are currently working on an online membership/renewal form for VAST membership. For now, please download this FORM to become a new member, or to renew your membership. Just print, fill out the form and mail it to VAST to join.

Make checks payable to VAST, and mail to:
P.O. Box 1281
Denton, TX 76202

For membership questions, please contact Mary Wright at

VAST members are highly varied in their styles, their artistic media, and their interests. The directory below provides an overview of VAST’s members.

CURRENT VAST MEMBERS: If you are a VAST member seeking access to your directory entry so you can edit it, to renew your membership, or want access to membership-only information, we are working to migrate your information from the old website to the new one, where you will be able to login and edit/renew your information. Thank you for your patience!