At the final meeting of each fiscal year, VAST members select the 1st and 2nd place winners of the Artist of the Year award.

To see past Artist of the Year award winners, click here.

Roxanne Musick, VAST’s Artist of the Year for 2023-24.

Her winning artwork is titled “A Walk in the Woods” and is a mixed media piece.

VAST selected the 2020-2021 Artist of the Year: Debbie Beauchamp

Debbie Beauchamp, with her winning entry “Sea Turtle Habitat” – a watercolor.

2019-2020 Artist of the Year: Dianne Jansing

Dianne Jansing’s inspiration for the subject of her artwork comes from her love of and connection to nature. She works mainly in watercolor but also enjoys working with gouache, mixed media, graphite, and ink. She has previously displayed her work in the On My Own Time art exhibition and was instrumental in establishing the University of North Texas Libraries’ annual employee art exhibition Dusk to Dawn. Dianne began painting while growing up in the North Texas countryside and has continued her passion for over 40 years.

Valentina was created on rice paper using the traditional batik process of applying layers of wax and paint. Multiple layers of watercolor were applied to produce strong colors. A wax resist was applied to preserve the lighter colors. The painting was then placed between clean newsprint and the wax was ironed out.

The flowers in the watercolor batik painting were drawn from irises given to the artist by her mother. The painting’s title is in her memory.

To see more of Dianne’s art find her on Instagram @dijansing

May 2, 2108 meeting, VAST selected the 1st and 2nd place winners of the 2017-2018 Artist of the Year:

Artist of the Year:

Barbara Lindley – “Hope” Watercolor

Runner Up

Tonya Littman – “Painted Bunting” Fiber

President’s Message

From the President’s Paintbrush, June 2024 Wow, I hope you were among the group that made up a “record crowd” at the final VAST meeting

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