VAST Mini-Show Competitions


VAST asks that member artists submit their artwork by a photograph to between day 1 and midnight of day 10 each month. All current members will receive an email reminder on the last day of the month for the upcoming month’s competition; once the entries are compiled into a format for voting, all members will receive an email link to the voting site to vote for their favorite piece of art. Winners will be announced at the General Meeting and on the VAST website on the tab “Exhibits: Mini-Show.” There are prizes for first and second place winners that will be mailed (USPostalServices mail). 
Mini-Show rules are that once an artist comes in First Place in the monthly competition, she/he is automatically entered into the Artist of the Year Competition and is no longer eligible to enter further monthly competitions for the rest of the VAST year (June through May).  Additionally, when a member is declared VAST Artist of the Year, we ask that they not enter the Mini-show competition for the next three years as a competitor. However, as the Mini-show was designed as a way for all our VAST artists to share their artwork with all members, winners of both the Artist of the Year and the Artist of the Month are welcome to show their work in the Mini-show without being competitors and their work will be so noted. 
Photos of the submitted artwork must be sized at 6 inches for the longest side of the photo, times 300 pixels per inch, which equals no more than 1800 pixels for the photo. Please click on the link to go to the following document for more information: “Photographing and Preparing Digital Files for Art Exhibitions…The Basics,. Incorrectly sized photos will not be entered into the competition. 

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