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My paintings are visual narratives of personal Experiences, dreams and states of consciousness that involve immaterial and or spiritual energies. These energies interface with and interact through the physically manifest universe of which mankind is a part of the whole. The Universe is reflected in mankind on every level.

This universal blueprint gives mankind a common physical and spiritual anatomy. We therefore have the capability for some commonality of Experience. Giving our experiences visual form with paint helps us to share and begin to remember more of our true nature that is beyond the outward appearance and limitations of the physical world.


I am an artist and Art, Dance and Theatre Reference Librarian at the University of North Texas.

See my Librarian Profile and Research Guides.


Art Practice / Art Interest

01 – Acrylic, 04 – Watercolor, 08 – Mixed Media, 09 – Drawing/Illustration, 14 – Jewelry, 16 – Metal

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38 – Coordinate/assist Facebook, 39 – Assist with local publicity