Supporting VAST Exhibitions

VAST holds two annual juried exhibitions with cash prizes for the winners:

  1. the VAST Members Exhibition, and
  2. the 175 Mile Visual Arts Exhibition

To help fund these cash awards, VAST depends on 

Donors at the $100 level and greater will have an opportunity to name certain financial prizes of the exhibition!

for example, “The [Your Name] Best of Show Award,” or the “In Memory of [Chosen Name] First Place Award,” etc. 

The VAST exhibit committee will contact donors of $100 and greater to discuss named awards, or the donors may contact VAST at (940) 600-1176 to discuss. Named donors will be offered choices of named awards in order of the date their funds are received by VAST. Groups of people are welcome to join their donations together for named prizes.

All donors, no matter the size of their donation, will be recognized in the exhibit catalog provided that their sponsorships are received in a timely manner prior to the exhibition. Each of VAST’s donors will receive one copy of the catalog. 

If you are interested in sponsoring exhibit prizes, please read and fill out the VAST Exhibit Sponsors Form and return it to VAST with your donation. Instructions for making payment are on the form. While VAST is happy to receive exhibit donations throughout the year, timely receipt of donations will assist in helping you to name an award and in recognizing you properly in exhibit catalogs. 

President’s Message

From the President’s Paintbrush, June 2024 Wow, I hope you were among the group that made up a “record crowd” at the final VAST meeting

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